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Agricultural Excursion

Remember that Xtralarge Farms Mission is to raise a generation of passionate farmers.

In the bid to achieve this, Xtralarge has given all members the mandate to go into schools, approach groups and other organisations especially the younger generation to know about Agriculture and the benefits therein.


You, a registered member with Xtralarge Farms simply get a letter from the office to as many schools as possible, men’s groups, women’s groups, teenage clubs, etc, inviting them for Excursions at Xtralarge farms located in different places in South West, especially the Ota farm.

Once the schools or groups you invited come for Excursions, Xtralarge will pay you being the Relationship Officer hurray, we pay you commission for being our Relationship Officer

Ask Me How Much Now?

On each person (pupil/student) that comes for the Excursion, Xtralarge Farms will pay you N500.

So if you are able to facilitate say 500 pupils for the Excursion, I leave the calculations to you!!!